Why I Went Freelance

November 6, 2014 5:15 PM

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Why I Went Freelance

I used to have a big job at a big advertising agency. It was one of the best in the country, a place that hired smart people and did great work. I was thrilled when they hired me. But I worked a lot. And I worried even more -- about things like new business pitches, client ultimatums, managing a team without burning people out, corporate politics, email avalanches... and doing work I could be proud of.

I didn't sleep much for the three years that I held that job. And when I did I slept with my iPhone, often answering emails at 3 a.m. At night I usually had an extra glass of wine. I also "shopped my feelings," with retail therapy that included shoes, black sweaters (you can never have too many), sp...

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