Why Are We All So Busy? | Aimee Raupp

August 20, 2014 12:37 PM

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Why Are We All So Busy? | Aimee Raupp

After a recent conversation with a dear friend I decided to try and remove the word 'busy' from my vocabulary and from my life. It began by her asking me how I was and I responded quite typically for me, "All is good. Great, actually. Super busy. And you?" Being the introspective type, she asked "What does busy even mean anymore? Everyone is just so busy these days..."

What do we really mean when we say we are busy? Are we over-scheduled? Are we filling up our lives with to-dos to fill some kind of void? Are we afraid of downtime? Afraid of the silence? Are we competing with one another by stating how busy we are? I'm so much busier than you are... Is this busy-ne...

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