Why 'The Vagina Monologues' Isn't Exclusive To Women

January 23, 2015 6:58 PM

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Why is this still such a dirty word for women? For men ambition is a necessary and desirable part of their lives, but women so often play down their achievements for fear of being seen as egotistic or selfish – or worse still, a ‘bitch’. Surely we all want our efforts and accomplishments acknowledged? It’s perfectly acceptable to engage in competition. Ambition gets us up in the morning and it motivates us to keep going when things get rough. So why the double standard? When a male boss is cross at work we excuse him because he’s a perfectionist. When a woman demands high standards, she’s having a hissy fit. Remember, ambition is neutral: it’s how you use it that defines whether you’re operating in a healthy or an unhealthy way. (v: Alpha females)

The global cosmetics, toiletries and fragrance industry is worth £6.2 billion and on average women in the UK spend £185,528 each on beauty products in their lifetime. Anti-ageing is the holy grail of the beauty industry. It is the promise in the pot, the elixir of youth where the ‘appearance of fine...

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