Why Thinking You're Ugly is Bad For You And Everyone

October 20, 2014 7:32 PM

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When does it stop being okay to love how we look? That's the question Meaghan Ramsey* asks in a recent TEDTalk which was posted online early last week. As of this blog post, there are almost 650 thousand views and more than 400 comments across TED.com and YouTube. Why did this "talk" receive so much attention basically overnight? Because the title of her speech strikes a chord with people personally -- we can all relate to some aspect of our physical appearance that we don't like, and may even want to change.

Hope Freedman: I was reminded of Meaghan's opening story about her 1-year-old niece giving kisses to herself in the mirror when I spent time recently with a friend's 2-year-old daughter. As the toddler twirled in her dress, my "aha" moment was: self-esteem and body confidence start as young as a 2-y...

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