Why One Woman Feels 'Blessed' To Live in a Nursing Home

March 5, 2015 11:00 AM

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For many people, entering a nursing home spells gloom and doom. You're no longer caring for your own home, making your own food or doing the things that have always been part of your life. But the upshot is that you no longer have to clean the house, cook your meals or get bogged down by old habits. For some people, going to a nursing home opens a new chapter in life – one in which they can have fewer worries, make new friends and enjoy life's simple pleasures.

This is true for Polly Kyles, 84, a resident of Heritage Health Care & Rehab, a nursing home in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Kyles has lived there for almost a year, and is president of the residents' council. At Heritage, she says she feels like she's on vacation, or "on a mission" to help people enjoy the...

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