Why Most Men Prefer the Shallow End of the Spiritual Pool

August 7, 2014 6:54 PM

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Why Most Men Prefer the Shallow End of the Spiritual Pool

At the risk of turning upside down my own awareness, and in the process exposing myself as a member of the male species, I am fascinated by the great divide that exists when one considers why it is precisely that women are far more comfortable exploring the depths of the unknown than men. This is not fable, but rather fact: plain truth. While we find more and more women willing to swim into the deep end of the pool of possibility, exploring further that which lies within, men conversely are often not. Feet planted firmly beneath them, the average male finds little need to tread into deeper waters when it comes to any pursuit of something higher, greater. More comfortable with the known, the familiar, man seems equipped to walk upon the concrete, treading carefully so as not to accidentally lose footing, face, and something entirely more vital: control.

That's right. The main reason why men love shallow waters is control. Control is the primary weapon for the male ego to stake its claim in the world. And it is the master addiction that keeps us coming back for more. Losing control, letting go, allowing something else to move us is, well, mindless f...

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