Why Michelle MacLaren Leaving Wonder Woman Is Actually Good News

April 14, 2015 3:06 PM

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Has there ever been a popular property more embattled than Wonder Woman? (Probably, yes.) But after a string of failed movie adaptations, and a notoriously awful TV pilot, comic fans were beginning to wonder if they’d ever see their most famous superheroine onscreen again. Now with MacLaren’s exit, things, once again, look shaky. Will Warner Bros. be able to find a suitable replacement for fan favorite MacLaren, and are they hamstrung, as some Hollywood players opined last night, by needing to find a female director to replace the one they lost? Imagine the outcry if, at this point, Warner Bros. replaced MacLaren with a male director.

“With so much at stake, there's gonna be friction. It's the Marvel way to sort of question everything. Sometimes, that's amazing. And sometimes” — and here Whedon growled his compliment through gritted teeth, the meaning clear — “that’s amazing.”

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