Why I'm a Transformative Language Artist

August 25, 2014 3:15 PM

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Why I'm a Transformative Language Artist

Growing up in the 1960s, I played the board game, "What Will I Be?", which gave me and other girls of my generation six career choices: nurse, model, secretary, stewardess, actress, or ballerina. Leary of bedpans, I was too clumsy to serve people in the friendly airs or plié on the unfriendly stage, too short and stubby to model, too easily-distracted to take dictation, and too much of a ham to be a good actress. What brought me alive was making things: painting, playing the piano, and especially writing poems and stories. I couldn't have imagined at the time that writing in my journal was a career track, but it turns out that it was once I became a transformative language artist.

Transformative language arts is an emerging academic field, profession, and for many of us, a calling that draws on the ancient impulse to make sense of our lives through the power of stories and the metaphorical magic of language. TLA implores us to read, write, listen, speak, sing, and create as a...

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