Why Happiness Is the Wrong Pursuit

December 9, 2014 5:00 PM

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Why Happiness Is the Wrong Pursuit

On some abstract level, we know that money and other outward signs of success won't ultimately make us happy -- perhaps because we know wealthy or famous or powerful people who are deeply unhappy -- but on another level, we don't really believe it... or at least we don't believe it applies to us. Money might not buy other people happiness, we think, but I know I'd be happier living in a bigger house in a better neighborhood, driving a different car.

Why do we experience such a disconnect between what we know to be true in the abstract and what we believe is true for us? I think a big part of the answer is that our choices are driven not by fame or fortune but by the pursuit of happiness itself -- and we're going about it in the wrong way, becau...

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