Why Gone Girl Changed Its Ending

October 4, 2014 4:01 AM

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Gillian Flynn sent us into a tizzy when she hinted a few months ago, in the pages of Entertainment Weekly, that she had changed the ending of Gone Girl so significantly that it shocked Ben Affleck. “This is a whole new third act!” he reportedly told her. Flynn later stepped back a bit, saying claims of a new ending had been “greatly exaggerated.” And the largely positive reviews for the film say that Flynn’s screenplay sticks very closely to the book. So what actually happens at the end of the new Gone Girl?

The facts of the ending remain the same—Amy is pregnant, having secretly fished Nick’s sperm out of a bank, and essentially forcing her husband to stay with her, making a pretty convincing argument that they actually deserve each other. Key scenes from the book, like Margo’s tearful reaction and Nic...

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