Why Fox's 'Empire' Is Unstoppable

February 26, 2015 2:05 PM

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Why Fox's 'Empire' Is Unstoppable

If there's one moment that sums up why Empire is the TV blockbuster of 2015, here it is: Aspiring rapper Hakeem is making his new video, rolling on the bed with models and champagne. But he's having a little trouble on the set. His R&B-star girlfriend Tiana just busted him in the bubble bath with Naomi Campbell (these things happen). Now he's crushed to find out Tiana has her own side piece: a blond lesbian supermodel named India. His label boss, Lucious Lyon, who's also his dad, offers some fatherly consolation. "Let's look at it from a mathematical perspective," Lucious says. "Your girlfriend has a girlfriend. Add that up: two girlfriends. It's a mathematician's dream! It's trigonometry!"

No, dude, this is not trigonometry, or even real math — but it adds up to the perfect equation for a hip-hop soap smash. Fox's Empire is the year's ratings juggernaut, debuting big but then just getting bigger every week, which isn't supposed to happen anymore. It's easy to see why Empire is so huge...

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