Why Fi: Airplane Mode on the Ground, Part 1

July 29, 2014 9:27 PM

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Why Fi: Airplane Mode on the Ground, Part 1

(Part 1, in which our fearless leader decides to slightly up the navel-gazing ante...) The wind in Cabarete, on the north shore of the Dominican Republic, is relentless. Blowing mostly east to west, it bends the tops of the coconut palm trees lining this desolate driftwood-strewn stretch of beach backward in continual arcs. A morning might by chance break softly, with only a gentle breeze, but by afternoon, and throughout the evening and the night, it comes unabated.

Within a few miles there are myriad little beaches and inlets, each unique in wind and water, from smooth and crystal clear to rough and choppy, and communities congeal for snorkeling or by surfing preference -- with or without kite. In the evening, the chattering crowds watching World Cup futbol at...

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