Why Does Tennis Elbow Take So Long to Improve?

August 27, 2014 1:41 PM

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Why Does Tennis Elbow Take So Long to Improve?

Whether you're a pro competing in this week's US Open or an avid amateur who enjoys tennis for fun, you will likely experience some form of "tennis elbow" in your lifetime. This injury -- so common that it has its own lay term -- is a wear-and-tear effect and inflammation of the tendon for the extensor muscles on the top of your forearm. Formerly referred to as lateral epicondylitis, the clinical term for tennis elbow is more often extensor tendinosus, an injury known for its frustrating persistence. Why does it take so long to improve?

When tennis elbow pain fails to improve, most tennis players seek medical care and, in many cases, a long journey begins. Even the best care won't prevent a lengthy recovery for those whose tennis elbow involves inflammation of the extensor tendon or partial tears in varying degrees of the same tend...

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