Why Do People Develop Anxiety and Depression Problems?

September 19, 2014 3:57 PM

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My mother was a beautiful woman -- homecoming queen in high school. But when she was older, breast cancer left several scars, only a few that you could physically see. When my twin brother and I were 9 months old, she had a mastectomy. Three months later, my father divorced her, moving in with his mistress. And like many young boys around the globe, we were left without an adult male role model. Nobody to teach us how to ride a bike without hands, change a flat tire, strum a guitar, be a good storyteller, and ask insightful questions to trigger new friendships. My mom recognized this and when we turned 7 years old, she began a quest to find us a father. I remember that she dated three guys at the same time to speed up the pace of finding "the one."

I distinctively remember bachelor #2. Sometime after their first date, we were invited to his house. A shrine to Herbie The Car memorabilia (yes, Disney's talking 1963 Volkswagen Beetle). Instead of a moose head wall mount, there lied the front hood of a Herbie car busting out of tiles above the fir...

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