Why Daredevil Works Better Than Every Other Superhero Show On TV

April 11, 2015 1:40 AM

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It should surprise no one that we love superhero TV series around these parts, and the current influx is as generally enjoyable a trend as any in television’s long history. And how do we know that this comic-friendly shift is in no danger of slowing down? Because the latest example, Netflix’s Daredevil, is absolutely the best of the superhero bunch at this point, beating out both its fellow Marvel series as well as everything DC is offering. Even a blind man could see that – sorry! – and here’s why. (Minor spoilers ahead.)

This is the story of two men on opposite sides. Like all good comic book stories, Daredevil centers on the safety of a city, in this case Hell’s Kitchen, New York, and the two men dedicated to keep it thriving. For Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock, this is done through street-level vigilantism as a man in...

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