Why College Music School Rankings Are All Wrong

August 25, 2014 8:39 PM

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Why College Music School Rankings Are All Wrong

I have a history with researching music schools as a prospective student. Seeing the recent ranking of the "Top 10 Music Colleges in the United States" posted by USA Today brought back the feelings of confusion I experienced as a young person starting out in the field. Not only do I think the concept of "Return on Investment" is ridiculous when applied education, but having gone through several music programs and with friends still attending music programs, I can tell you that these ranking systems absolutely fail to address what is important as a developing musician seeking to make a career as a performer. So here is my advice to all of you prospective students and parents. This is all based on my knowledge of vocal performance programs and the career field of professional singers, but there is a fair amount of crossover with any instrument.

Parents - you need to get over the idea that starting out or mid-career salary has anything to do with long-term success as a performing musician. You also need to get over the idea that this is some kind of indicator of the value of the career or of studying music at the collegiate level. I could g...

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