Why I Bury My Cellphone in a Drawer at Night

September 25, 2014 10:31 PM

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Why I Bury My Cellphone in a Drawer at Night

With the latest announcements of the new iPhone, and the Apple Watch, Apple has made history again. And we're all swooning -- for good reason. No doubt it's going to be amazing and blow our minds. We'll be even more connected to our things, and the technology ecosystem is destined to become a more real part of our (increasingly efficient) lives.

Could there possibly be a downside? Yes. So many people are already so hooked to their devices, they're losing out on the key moments of life. I can't count the times in conversations I've had to compete with a text, an email, or a random Facebook update, and lost. It gets old, it gets tiring, but w...

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