Why Being You Rocks | Chris Deaver

July 24, 2014 10:30 PM

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Why Being You Rocks | Chris Deaver

How often have you seen the same "successful" person in the news 100+ times? They're in Time magazine on the list of the most influential/beautiful/cool people. They're the "rockstar," bestselling/best-winning/best-dressed. Wherever they go, they're relentlessly pushed through the camera-wielding paparazzi. They're on Facebook with 2.5 million+ fans even though they never update their page -- it seems like they even have a fan page for their dog that has more friends than you do. They always tweet about the most mundane, lame things (e.g., "I'm off to Hawaii for the third time. Hoping 2 catch a nice wave..."). And try as you might, you can't delete them from your mind. Everywhere you turn, they're there, packaged and sold as the embodiment of "success." It gets annoying. It gets old. "How can I ever become that successful?"you ask, looking at your life that consists of a nine-to-five churn, bills that (like money-hungry vampires) suck the life out of your paycheck, and a future that is as yet: unknown.

So how do you achieve your full potential if when you think of success you're constantly haunted by that pervasive "rockstar"?

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