Why Being Upset With Someone Is Always About YOU

April 17, 2015 9:17 PM

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Why Being Upset With Someone Is Always About YOU

A very wise teacher once told me that anytime I find myself angry or upset with someone, I need to look at what it is in them that I see in myself. What is it triggering in me that needs to be healed? This was really difficult for me at the time to swallow because often I just thought someone was being a total jerk and I certainly didn't think I was one. Besides, I felt justified in my anger and certainly whatever that person did to me I wasn't responsible for!

The truth is, as time went on and my spiritual practice grew, I never knew something to be so true. I would often find myself triggered by something someone said or did and not understand why I was so upset. When I started developing this practice of looking within myself to uncover the true source ...

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