Whose Fish

March 6, 2015 2:30 AM

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Whose Fish

The nerve of these people, they seem to think that you can take some TV writer--never written a play, never appeared in one unless you want to count Charley's Aunt in eighth grade--and put him on Broadway. At steep premium prices; at present up to an eye-popping $499, which his TV fans happily forked over at an astonishing rate before anyone had even seen a preview of the thing. Who needs an out-of-town tryout, anyway? That's for pikers. So here we have Larry David and Fish in the Dark, at the Cort Theatre. And it turns out the thing is an absurdistly daffy laff fest.

David is the formerly small-time stand-up comic who made it big as co-creator and head writer of the inordinately successful "Seinfeld." He followed this by creating--and starring as a fictional version of himself in--the cable series "Curb Your Enthusiasm." This gives him a built-in audience of sit...

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