White Nose Syndrome May Not Pose a Threat for Vermont Bats

July 7, 2014 11:22 AM

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A study was conducted on little brown bates in Dorset last winter. Electric readers were installed in the Aeolus cave to make a note of their movements and check if the white nose syndrome was prevalent. Initially this disease caused bats to fly out from hibernation into the frigid winter and die. These tests were conducted after information was received that many bat maternity colonies were disappearing in the Champlain Valley in the past decade.

These brown bats that were found in the Aeolus cave were once very common in Vermont. It was found that nearly 96% of these bats continued to live in hibernation. The white nose syndrome is caused by a fungus and so named since it causes fuzzy spots to appeal on the muzzles of victim as well as plan...

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