Wes the Extra Ordinary

April 7, 2015 9:36 PM

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Wes the Extra Ordinary

Wes Xavier was the most extraordinary baby of all the extraordinary babies. This was clear even before he was born, before he entered this world and lived his eight days on this planet with charm and gusto. After clearing out the cobwebs and other oddities that had accumulated in his mother's late 30-year-old uterus, Wes settled in, hanging some posters and subscribing to Netflix. He started out as a pretty typical fetus, demanding old-fashioned donuts and french toast via email and getting familiar with the outside world by eavesdropping. As a fetus, Wes had an extreme dislike for Xlerator hand dryers and his mother's restless sleep patterns. Over his 28 weeks in utero, Wes would make a bold impression on most of those who crossed his mother's path.

There was their first OB, for whom he did an actual dance for, his teeny arms and legs moving in sync as he floated around the screen during the ultrasound. And his multiple MFM doctors, some for which he refused to get into position for, preferring to keep his back to them. Others he would engage b...

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