Were the warnings on Legionnaires’ missed by New York? Death toll rises to 10, 100 diagnosed

August 8, 2015 1:42 PM

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The outbreak of Legionnaires’ in Bronx recently is also the largest in the history of New York. This outbreak has also revealed the minimal knowledge that the general population and health authorities have of the cooling towers used in air conditioning that also double up as the major incubators for the bacteria causing this disease. The sluggish response from the city administration to the early signs of warning to this potential health issue has been even more dismaying.

The disease is a type of pneumonia and antibiotics work effectively in treating the disease. However it has so far affected about 100 people in 4 neighborhoods of Bronx. Ten of the affected people have died and all of them were particularly susceptible on account of old age and other pre-existing h...

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