Were Ancient Mystics Onto Something? Review Of Norman Doidge's "The Brain's Way of Healing"

April 2, 2015 2:48 PM

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At the age of 18 months, Will was showing autistic like behavior - failing to communicate, obsessive behaviors, unable to connect with people. Liz, Will's mother, scoured the world for physicians who might figure out how to assess and treat her son who was born premature at 29 months. Amongst other diagnoses, she was told Will had 'very severe cognitive development' and autism. Yet, tests did not confirm autism. At 16 months, Will stopped speaking all together. What if anything could be done?

Will's heart wrenching story is one of many examples of people struggling with life-altering maladies that were inaccurately "labeled" by well meaning but baffled medical professionals. Like tens of thousands of others every year, he did not respond to traditional therapies, and worse, he became cau...

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