Wendy Whelan: Curious and Open (With a Sense of Humor)

August 26, 2014 9:41 PM

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Wendy Whelan: Curious and Open (With a Sense of Humor)

Wendy Whelan, the much beloved principal dancer for New York City Ballet, is already a legend. Her career has spanned an astonishing 29 years during which she has done pretty much everything imaginable. Her repertoire is essentially an encyclopedia of New York City Ballet's great roles for women augmented with guest appearances across the globe. She has become an institution unto herself but everything has to end someday, even Wendy Whelan's illustrious career.

Following hip surgery, Whelan has undergone extensive physical therapy and recently resumed performing in her Restless Creature project. Her final show with NYC Ballet is coming up on October 18th, however she is far from done with performing. She will continue to collaborate with choreographers on ...

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