A Weekend in the Cornfield (Reflections on Elsinore and Pygmalion)

October 8, 2014 4:59 PM

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A Weekend in the Cornfield (Reflections on Elsinore and Pygmalion)

Last weekend, I was able to spend a few of the last warm nights of the year at the Pygmalion Festival in Champaign-Urbana. Though I was only present for the Friday and Saturday events, I did get to see many of the larger acts as well as take in the MADE Fest, a craft fair that takes place just outside the festival grounds. The event itself boasted the usual smattering of national acts (in this case CHVRCHES and Panda Bear) supplemented by smaller, local, and regional bands such as Miniature Tigers, Twin Peaks (with whom I also sat down) and of course Elsinore. I sat down with the band (consisting of Ryan Groff- guitar/vocals, Mark Woolwine- piano/vocals, James Treicher- drums, and Brad Threlkeld- bass guitar) at Café Kopi on Walnut Street in Champaign.

Zach Ezer: A good place to start would be the music scene here [in Champaign-Urbana] and your place in it. Elsinore: We were sort of inserted into the scene by some friends before we moved here. Mark and I, and the original drummer and bass player were in music school at the Eastern Illinois Univers...

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