We Want You To Be Loud! | C. M. Rubin

January 6, 2015 10:41 PM

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A very loud British holiday theater tradition is wowing audiences in New Jersey with "Robin Hood: A Very British Pantomime." For the many who do not what the British Panto art form is, this slapstick, participatory show is a really terrific treat for all the family. Panto, a hilarious and fun British holiday play, tells a fairy tale in a vaudevillian manner. It almost always has a boy lead played by a girl, a Dame played by a man, and lots of singing and jesting. Chrissy and Ridley McIntyre lead a production team that has brought this joyful festivity to New Jersey for two years already. Now in their third production, they are tackling a staple of folklore and Hollywood alike: Robin Hood. This from the hilarious plot description: "Join Robin Hood and his band of merry outlaws, the feisty Maid Marian and her nanny Matilda, his young apprentices the Hoodies, the Real Housewives of Sherwood Forest and a mysterious deer as they fight together to stop the Sheriff and his sidekick Guy of Gisbourne's wicked plan to overthrow the king!"

Robin Hood is a lot of fun, and you can feel good about supporting it too! In the past two years of sold out shows, the McIntyre's have raised over $9,000 for charity with their productions. This year continues their tradition of using the pantomime to raise money for two local charities: Rent Party...

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