We Tried It: Drill Fitness

January 22, 2015 1:02 PM

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We Tried It: Drill Fitness

What We Did: After a short warmup, we launched into a series of strength intervals. The entire plan for the class was laid out on a chalkboard along the back wall of the studio. Each class is structured similarly, with three drills and two Tabata sessions. But each class is different in the exercises the instructor selects for each set. Our class included moves like tuck jumps, kettlebell deadlifts, rows, thrusters, pushups and, of course, burpees.

How'd It Feel: This class found the sweet spot. Too often in high-intensity workout classes I feel the instructor is doing more to crush my spirit than motivate me. I can't stand when I am encouraged to use a weight too far outside of my comfort zone, for example, or when speed is emphasized over fo...

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