We thought we had some control but now we’re told we don’t

January 5, 2015 7:37 AM

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In case you haven't heard about it – and it's easy for it to slip into the noise because it is not about celebrities nor is it a subject for mob buzz, a more apt term than "social media" – researchers at the school looked at 31 relatively common kinds of cancer in hope of identifying their cause. What they found is surprising and alarming: most are not caused by behavior, genetics or environmental factors. Those cancers are the result of random chance, of pure, dumb, bad luck.

Cancer, as you probably know, is when cells in the process of division, as all cells do, suffer a mutation. Sometimes, most of the time, perhaps, the mutation doesn't survive and in due course the faulty cell is replaced. But the rest of the time the bad cells divide over and over, spread, and lead ...

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