We Have to Ask: Is Community Really Still Community?

March 17, 2015 4:17 PM

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The new season of Community premieres today. Is it good? Well, sure. Like any sitcom that makes it to a sixth season, hanging out with the characters is fun, situations are predictable, and it’s decently funny. But you can’t really take a moderate stance here, because this isn’t just any old sitcom. This is Community, a show that has survived its showrunner being fired/rehired, losing several of its original cast members, and finally abandoning TV altogether for the friendlier shores of Yahoo of all places—all because of its rabid fanbase.

So rather than asking “is Community good,” a more interesting question might be a variant on something Joel McHale’s Jeff Winger asks in response to apparent change spearheaded by consultant Francesca (Paget Brewster), one of two new additions to the cast: “How much can you improve Greendale before ...

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