What Are We Doing About Metastatic Breast Cancer?

December 15, 2014 5:00 PM

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The single biggest issue that most believe is not getting enough attention or funding for research is metastatic breast cancer that is also known as Stage IV. Breast cancer that remains contained in the breast is not deadly. But if breast cancer travels outside of the breast to the brain, liver, lungs and/or bones, that is when the concern begins. As we all know, there is currently no cure for cancer and the popular belief is that there is not enough being done to find one. So I decided to do some exploration about this.

It is true that there has been a great amount of money and research and attention given to early detection but that is only reasonable since the objective is to kill or remove the cancer before it can escape from the breast. New equipment is being designed and brought to the marketplace in an effort...

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