We Did Read Your Article

October 13, 2014 1:52 PM

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We Did Read Your Article

Michael, we did read your article (Mann et al., 12012). Your hypothesis of missing rings during the coldest years would lead to missing tree-ring density measurements as well, and would bias density toward not showing the coldest temperatures. If the width is missing, so is the density. In our article, we are careful to point out that "[t]he generally cold bias we identify does not necessarily contradict Mann et al. [2012], however, as the cooling bias may overwhelm the influence of any missing rings" (Tingley et al., 2014). Having only studied a limited spatial domain and eruptions for which adequate instrumental data and evidence are available, it could be that the effect you hypothesize is simply not present, or at least not identifiable, for these two recent eruptions. As you indicate, however, there are a number of other studies that do directly disagree with your hypothesis of missing rings (Anchukaitis et al., 2012; Esper et al 2013a,b).

The main point of our paper is that Arctic tree ring density appears sensitive to variations in light availability. This could have implications for both the interpretation of the temperature response to volcanic eruptions as well as longer term changes in light availability that may have occurred i...

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