What We All Need Now | Ed and Deb Shapiro

January 13, 2015 3:39 PM

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We have endlessly tried to bring peace to the world, creating organizations like the U.N. and NATO. We've had treaties and summits, and scores of meetings and programs, but still there are so many conflicts. Beliefs and egos battle, and greed for power dominates over humanity while ingrained hatred divides one against another. It's a simple equation: When we're angry or unhappy in ourselves, then we'll be angry with everyone else while increasing the suffering in the world; when we're in pain, that pain gets projected onto others or blamed on everything around us: "It's your fault I'm unhappy!"

All this is due to ignorance, greed, hatred and deep unhappiness. As Ed recalls: "I grew up Jewish in the Bronx and was raised by my aunt who wouldn't allow me to bring a non-Jewish person into our home. I was taught not to trust anyone who was different."

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