Watching on Vancouver Island

February 27, 2015 10:04 PM

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Watching on Vancouver Island

I’D BEEN TO Tofino—an upscale Canadian surfer hamlet that hangs off North America’s farthest northwestern edge—a few years ago to report on how it had become the Hamptons of British Columbia and a favorite haunt for Ryan Reynolds and other Canadian celebrities. It was beautiful—the height of summer—and I had a tough time imagining the appeal of the absurd-sounding “storm-watching season” that all the locals crowed about.

“There’s just something about being inside, in front of a fire, while the wind is blowing and the ocean swell is so huge and the rain is pounding on the roof and windows,” Steph Wightman, the assistant manager of Surf Sister, a local surf school, told me. Right.

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