Watch Your Mood: A Leadership Lesson

April 22, 2015 6:34 PM

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Looking back, the signs were all there but I failed to see them. As CEO of an international talent development company for nine years, I had been slowly snipping off the corners of myself, unknowingly, bit by bit, in order to fit into a role that no longer served me or I it. Instead of paying attention to my declining health and mood, I plunged deeper into busyness and drove myself (and, unfortunately, everyone around me) even harder. When I finally stepped down I was overcome, surprisingly, not with regret but with relief.

In retrospect I see that I was a leader who had lost touch with what I most cared about. I was no longer in touch with the meaning my work had always provided me. As a dear friend of mine said to me during those difficult days, "Terrie, you were out on the skinny branch -- you know the one that easi...

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