Want More Happiness?

September 17, 2014 7:57 PM

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Watching Relativity Media and Peter Chelsom's new film, Hector and the Search for Happiness, naturally draws a response to ponder how happiness is brought about in one's own life, when, where, with whom it's been most abundant and how to attain more of it. Of course the paradox is that we lose sight of happiness the moment we try to grasp it -- mistaking the finger for the moon. Yet it's always readily accessible to us if and when we're able to open new eyes and see the world with a fresh, raw enthusiasm that's often described as childlike or unfortunately, "childish." So it takes courage to let our enthusiasm shine through, and courage to respond with wonder in our expressions of appreciation for the simple and natural magnificence of it all. And this seems to be at the crux of recruiting happiness; curiosity, courage and appreciation -- the mechanisms by which the spirit of adventure and happiness is re-engaged.

This film comes along at a time when our technological connectivity is reshaping the face of depression as we continuously project our identities and engage, by default, more often with and as these personality projections, or avatars, than with one another as actual sentient beings. And so the unev...

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