Want to Be Healthier? Get Happy First

October 11, 2014 1:46 PM

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Happiness, health and success are three things most of us want. The old school of thought is if you chase success and achieve it, you will be happy (however you define it). Turns out, that's backward. Happiness researcher Shawn Achor has found that if you are happy (first), you are more likely to be successful. It makes sense, doesn't it? Happy people are generally more positive and energetic. Happy people see possibilities everywhere and are super productive. Happy people have that "can do" or "I will try it" spirit. If your happiness can direct your life to reach success, guess what else your happiness can do for you? It can make you healthy.

Yep. I am sure you've heard lots of promises in your lifetime of how you can get a healthier lifestyle, but happiness can really do the trick. Here are three reasons why.

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