For Want of a Glass of Water | Jeb Harrison

February 20, 2015 8:29 PM

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For Want of a Glass of Water | Jeb Harrison

Most "truth is stranger than fiction" stories have to do with some inconsequential oddity, like the story that first attracted the attention of the Books editor of the Huffington Post about my crazy literary agent. But when a "truth is stranger than fiction" story involves the death of a close friend, it's hardly inconsequential. Particularly when the difference between life and death is as simple as a glass or two of water.

This true story took place as 2014 was coming to an end and the New Year was upon us, though a similar version of the story took place around the same time every year. My friend, whom I'll call Danny, got sick - usually some form of respiratory flu - almost every January. According to another mutual...

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