I Want To Be That Girl

October 6, 2014 4:01 PM

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She's gorgeous. Look at that tan. I wish I had her hair. I bet she has her pick of boyfriends. Everyone wants to be with her. It must be so cool to be popular. I want her closet. She partied in Ibiza? She probably has really chill parents. That's her room? There isn't an outfit she doesn't look good wearing. Why can't I have a boyfriend like that? She has a flat stomach without working for it. Isn't that a new purse? She probably doesn't even work. She looks flawless. I bet she has everything she wants. Why can't I just be her? ...She's supposed to be such a bitch.

I need to upload a new profile pic soon. Should I do the one where my lips look fuller like hers, or the one where my thighs look thinner? And which filter? Is my caption original enough? Is it even funny?

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