Walking Dead Showrunner Scott Gimple Teases ‘Darker, Weirder’ Times Ahead

December 2, 2014 5:34 AM

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With the first half of The Walking Dead’s fifth season behind us, Rick & Co. have found themselves in a situation possibly darker than ever before. Their last hope for saving humanity, Eugene, turned out to be a liar with no idea how to stop the zombie virus. Their last base camp, Father Gabriel’s church, has been overrun by walkers. Beth lashed out at Officer Dawn Lerner and got a bullet in her skull in return—oh, and Bob’s leg got eaten by cannibals and his shoulder bitten by a walker. He died, too.

On that happy note, Walking Dead head honcho Scott Gimple says that although there is a light ahead for these characters in the second half of Season 5, things are going to get even darker and “weirder” first. He breaks down Beth’s tragic demise in “Coda,” and fan favorite Morgan’s new status as a “...

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