The Walking Dead’s Big Gay Love Story: Ross Marquand on Aaron’s Coming Out Party

February 23, 2015 4:07 AM

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Ross Marquand’s introduction as Aaron on last Sunday’s The Walking Dead was met with equal parts fanfare and confusion. The stranger showed up out of nowhere after a monster storm, asked for Rick by name and promised “good news.” In Sunday’s episode, “The Distance,” we learned a little more about the mysterious newcomer: He’s a do-gooder ex-NGO worker who delivered food and medicine to the Niger River Delta before the apocalypse. He currently resides in a place called Alexandria, a heavily fortified “community”—and he wants Rick and the group to “audition” for membership.

But considering that every clean-cut rando promising sanctuary so far has turned out to be either a psychopath or a cannibal, Rick, understandably, is not down with the idea. It takes an executive decision from Michonne to overrule the Ricktatorship before the group can set out to find Aaron’s home....

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