'The Walking Dead' Review

March 9, 2015 11:45 PM

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The Walking Dead returns to some old territory with a new twist by dropping Rick and his group of hardened survivors into a sheltered community of starry-eyed optimists. They’ve met only horrors and tragedy since the prison, and it’s refreshing to see them interact with a genuine community of humans again, rather than broken people and monsters. “Forget” is already beginning to show hints of some recurring issues that the series has traditionally struggled with in the past: ham-fisted metaphors, lack of character depth, and character relationships. However, what makes the group’s arrival to Alexandria so compelling is the inverted power dynamic–Rick and his group have all the skill and cunning, while the people of Alexandria are naive and vulnerable. Even as they try to assimilate to life in the community, there’s the inescapable question simmering just below the surface: they will be Alexandria’s saviors or conquerors?

“Forget” is one of the busiest episodes this season, as the group settles into life in Alexandria and individual storylines start to unravel . The characters with less complicated subplots seem to fare a little better here: Daryl bonds with Aaron over horses and spaghetti before Aaron finally presen...

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