The Walking Dead recap: 'Slabtown'

November 3, 2014 3:04 AM

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Could there be a less enticing, ominously evocative episode title than "Slabtown"? Ending up on a slab means dying, and anything called Slabtown should almost certainly be avoided. (That said, Portland’s Slabtown Bar earns solid marks on Yelp.) The title of the fourth episode of The Walking Dead’s fifth season is never explicitly linked to what happens in the episode—there’s no "Forget it, Beth: It’s Slabtown"—but we’ll presumably learn it soon.

Anyone hoping to learn who was with Daryl in the woods was probably disappointed not to have last week’s cliffhanger answered, but we can remove a few candidates from Dalton Ross’ list: Beth, the people who took Beth, and Carol. More on her in a bit.

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