The Walking Dead Recap: Paradise Lost

March 16, 2015 2:45 PM

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After last week’s snoozer, we’re treated to one of the best episodes of the season. This had it all — intense zombie action, multiple significant character deaths (including two that must rank among the most gory in television history), plot twists, and some serious foreshadowing of what’s ahead in the final two weeks. As speculated in these here recap pages, it looks like Alexandria isn’t hiding a secret after all — and that Rick’s crew will turn out not to be its saviors, but its undoing.

As the episode begins, we see Daryl on his new bike, headed out on a recruiting mission. We also see Father Gabe have a major meltdown, triggered by a bowl of strawberries and a kind note. Is he allergic? Or just mental? Soon he’s tearing a Bible to shreds and looking to the sky for guidance. Later ...

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