'Walking Dead' Recap: Look both ways, Carol!

November 17, 2014 5:26 AM

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Look both ways, Carol. She’s the character to whom we should never have to say that. But there it was at the end of “Consumed,” the sixth episode of The Walking Dead's fifth season, Carol hurdling out in front of traffic and getting gurneyed away as Daryl and Noah (Tyler James Williams) jaw about what next. It was a quiet episode, mostly “Caryl” (lacks that Brangelia titillation because heck, they barely shared a moment of bunk bed time in the hour) walking through a disquieting urban landscape. All that wide open space and concrete set the teeth on edge in a way that harkened back to season one of The Walking Dead.

Ostensibly looking for Beth, they head into gorgeously burned-out Atlanta, following a patrol from the hospital regiment, winding up with a van swarmed by walkers. Solution: Go Thelma and Louise off a bridge. Carol and Daryl stick the landing only to have a rain of walkers mess up the van’s paint jo...

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