The Walking Dead: A Night of Reckoning... Rick's Way!

October 31, 2014 6:55 PM

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The Walking Dead: A Night of Reckoning... Rick's Way!

One by one all six walked out the front door of the church that night. They were Glenn, acted by Steven Yeun; Maggie, acted by Lauren Cohan; Sasha, acted by Sonequa Martin-Greene; Abraham, acted by Michael Cudlitz; Michonne, acted by Danai Gurira; and of course Rick, acted by Andrew Lincoln. All six looked grim, yet silent and purposeful as they took their time leaving the church in a group, all sharing a resolve in the finality of knowing what had to be done. Which was, to kill the cannibalistic Terminans now living at a nearby abandoned elementary school.

Thirteen point eight million U.S. viewers on October 26, 2014, Sunday night, had watched their TV sets during The Walking Dead season five episode three titled, "Four Walls and a Roof." And as they watched those six, let's call the six 'Team Rick' as all carried assault weapons, the group seemed to ...

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