The Waiting Game in the Music Industry

February 4, 2015 7:50 PM

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The Waiting Game in the Music Industry

As a kid, I recall going to the department stores with mom and my siblings. It seemed like a mixed blessing. On one hand, we were out of the house, and not sentenced to a day of chores. On the other hand, we were doomed to a steel wire shopping cart prison cell if she discovered our hide-'n-seek game in the clothing racks. Stores like Goldblatts and Kmart were common shopping destinations, and their toy departments never seemed to lose their shiny and mystical powers that entranced us as we fantasy sword-played or floor tested the latest Hot Wheels release.

Now, as an adult, I realize how much money we didn't have. I realize how going to those stores was more window shopping, and less product buying. Mom knew that a frozen coke at the Kmart cafeteria in the back of the store would be reward enough for us kids to feel special. I've never asked her, but ...

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