Voyage Through An Adventurous Alternate Universe With 'Basilisk'

April 2, 2015 2:03 PM

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Voyage Through An Adventurous Alternate Universe With 'Basilisk'

As one of the many kids who became fascinated by the science-trumps-magic movie The Flight of Dragons, you can imagine my delight when I realized it was based on a real book. Well, a composite of two books (as it turns, out the plot comes from somewhere else entirely), so I was startled to open Peter Dickinson's The Flight of Dragons and find no human quest at all. What I did find, however, suited me just as much: a natural history that sparked my imagination — not only about mythical beasts, but about the nature of scientific inquiry.

It's impossible not to think of The Flight of Dragons when reading Marie Brennan's Memoirs of Lady Trent series, of which the third, Voyage of the Basilisk, has just been published. It's structured much as it says on the tin — Isabella, Lady Trent, narrates her astounding adventures from volume to v...

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