The Voices (2014) Movie Trailer

January 9, 2015 12:13 AM

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What with a new baby, casting news for Deadpool and now a trailer for The Voices, it’s a big week for Ryan Reynolds. At least bigger than he’s had in pop culture for a while. We’ve barely written about the guy since we shared a first look at The Voices back in 2013. We missed the movie when it debuted at Sundance last year, and that’s too bad because it looks like a lot of dark, twisted fun — good enough to put it on our list of most anticipated releases of this year.

Reynolds plays a factory worker who talks to his pets, and the dog and cat talk back (both voiced by Reynolds). At least in his mind. And in his mind they tell him to kill his girlfriend (Gemma Arterton), and then her decapitated head starts talking to him, too. Maybe that’s a spoiler, but it’s a hu...

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