A Visit With Ambrosia Singer David Pack

September 1, 2014 10:19 PM

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Q: You are best remembered for the song "Biggest Part of Me." What does that song mean to you? A: A simpler time. It means a lot in more ways than I can possibly describe. That song has traveled beyond my wildest dreams. Mostly I love that it connects me to people around the world. Remember back in the day when stars had theme songs? Bob Hope had "Thanks for the Memories" etc. I guess you could say it's my personal theme song. You didn't know I am the love doctor?

Q: How did you come to write it? A: 4th of July 1979, morning...family was packing up car to drive to Malibu for private celebration. Car was running... I went back to my studio guesthouse to shut off the gear, sat at piano for a moment, and the chords appeared under my fingers. I turned on the port...

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